We like to take a ‘circular’ approach to business. Where the end of a transaction takes us right back to the beginning of the process.

We want to address the current lack of connection between the consumer and the source of a product. If we strengthen this connection, we can begin to transform our relationship with what we buy. We can all begin to take more responsibility for our consumption. We can actively support a healthy supply chain, where all parties - including the planet - can a fair deal.

We offer customers the opportunity to add small donations on to their purchases. These donations will go in full to organizations or campaigns working to support change in the fashion industry.

Every two months we will have a new partner organisation, whose work we will promote whilst fundraising on their behalf.

There’s no pressure to donate – you ’re already doing good by choosing a more sustainably produced garment, shoe or accessory, rather than buying in to fast fashion! But if you wanted to, you can add a little something extra at checkout in support of the people who make your clothes and the land that we rely on to produce them.

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