The Environmental Justice Foundation uses investigations and film to uncover environmental and human rights abuses. They work to protect the natural environment and the people and wildlife that depend upon it, shining an international spotlight on the environmental and human rights abuses that too often go unnoticed.

EJF has shown that cotton production is one of the most exploitative industries in the world. Since 2004, EJF has documented and exposed the use of child labour and forced labour, as well as devastating environmental damage, in cotton production in Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan. They have produced 4 campaign reports and ‘White Gold’, an award-winning film and taken on the governments who try to hide this trade.

They have lobbied in Europe for slavery and ecological impacts in Uzbek cotton production to be taken seriously, run pop-up ethical fashion shops, and led an international coalition, which now comprises international NGOs, labour unions and international retailers and clothing brands. EJF's work has exposed systemic exploitation and driven progress in tackling it.


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