We are excited to announce we are the first UK stockist of the Kopila Valley Women's Cooperative! The Kopila Valley Women's Centre was started in 2013 by the BlinkNow Foundation. Concerned by women’s struggle to earn a living and support their families, Blink Now founded a program of women’s empowerment in the Surkhet Valley, Nepal. It brought women together to learn skills, improve literacy and support each other – as well as offering counselling services.

In 2014 the Centre expanded and began a retail shop, managed by the graduates of the empowerment program and stocked by their own handmade products. As the business grew the women then decided to launch their own cooperative, working with artisans from the Surkhet Valley. The goods designed and produced by the women are based on traditional crafts. Simultaneously, the women of the cooperative serve as mentors to the new members of the Centre, supporting the job skills training program. The five-year aim of cooperative is to employ at least 120 women from the Surkhet Valley, ensuring their long-term financial independence.

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