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Collect Me is a slow fashion brand with designer Zoe Yarwood at the helm as founder, designer and maker, based in the small but mighty town of Frome in Somerset. After graduating in 2011, Zoe was given the opportunity to intern at a sustainable fashion boutique with the chance to sell her creations in store, thus getting the chance to put into action the brand idea she had started cooking up at uni - turning vintage, remnant and unused fabrics into one-of-a-kind garments, moving away from the fast fashion trend and embracing the handmade and the unique.

The key factors in the designs are versatility, comfort and flattering shapes - a touch of bright colour and print with fabric choices is added into the mix to crank up the uniqueness and fun! The aim is to have pieces that work together but also can be worn in a variety of ways, so the wearer can integrate it into their own style, plus keep that excitement of wearing a new piece of clothing going for longer and throughout the seasons. Influenced by Japanese pattern cutting techniques, a unique detail is added to each design. The signature use of contrasting panels of fabrics is also a practical way of helping to use up smaller pieces of remnants - minimising fabric waste is at the core of the brand.

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