For our SUMMER Edit we worked with two friends who gave up their time to model our latest selection for us. We wanted this Edit to be worn by mothers, by women with stories to tell. Women with experience. 



Introducing Amak Mahmoodian... our first SUMMER drop is modelled by Amak. She is a beautiful soul and close friend of GIVE WEAR LOVE. A natural in front of the camera, she brought her unique style to the shoot and wore her life experience in every look. 

Amak is a creative. She was born in Shiraz but now lives and works in Bristol - teaching photography at the University of the West of England. Her work to date questions identity and expresses personal stories in the context of social issues. She released her photobook Shenasnameh in 2018 - a collection of stories of female identity in Iran, told through the traditional Iranian birth and ID certificate. Amak describes how we all have contradictory identities within each of us and that often, before we can define our own identities, an identity has been decided for us, defined by others. 

It's interesting how we seek to define ourselves and display our own perceived identities through the clothes we wear and how we chose to wear them. The styles and colours we choose reflect what we want to say about our interiority and can also be an opportunity to project what we want to be as well as what we are. We can play with and display our contradictory identities each day through our clothes. 

But underneath all that personal creativity we should always display a commitment to the future of the planet in our choice of outfit. We are wearing the land on our backs and this needs to be a consideration integral to every morning's dressing. What does your choice of outfit say about who you are? What does it say about the kind of world you want to live in?