Today is your day. As a woman it’s the day to celebrate who you are and all that that means. As a man it’s your day to stand in solidarity with the women around you; the mothers, the sisters, the daughters and the strangers who you will never meet but who are just as glorious.

Let’s rejoice in being women in 2019. And also… let’s put our focus on everything that is yet to be done to close the gap of inequity. Let’s continue to fight to have equal representation of women in leadership positions across the globe. Let’s support movements like #womensmarch and #metoo and empower women to speak out. Let’s stand together shoulder to shoulder, country to country, to use our combined influence to generate change. Women everywhere should be able to live safely and live well.

Fashion Revolution tells us that approximately 75million people work in fashion production. Of this 75million, 80% are women between 18 and 35. To us style savvy shoppers, that means we are - in essence - interacting with the lives and livelihoods of 60million women as we choose what to buy and what to wear.

Women involved in the production and processing of fibres, fabrics and garments are subject to low pay, unsafe workplaces and harassment. They’re denied freedom of association and often, as home-workers, are required to work unpaid hours.

This is what we’re buying when we buy into fast fashion. While we in the UK work to address the gender pay gap, let’s take a moment to think about the women producing our clothing who are denied a living wage, or are required to hand over wages to a male family member. 

Today I’ll be wearing an outfit produced by brands that are transparent about their supply chains and who support Fairtrade. Brands who work directly with factories and producers at ground level to ensure the clothing they produce is made fairly and with respect for the people, the women, who make them.