A brand new year and a brand new decade.

The pressure is on to do better and be better from January 1st, but life gets in the way and this often leaves us feeling defeated a couple of days or weeks in to the new year. Instead I suggest you take it slowly and make gradual changes throughout the year to benefit yourself and the world around you. The steps don’t need to be leaps – they don’t even need to be strides. 

Here are some ideas of habits to change or alter in 2020 to make life better for everyone:


- Don’t fly in 2020

The big one! When planning your holidays for 2020, plan a staycation or maybe a trip to Europe via train or ferry.


- Take part in Veganuary

It’s never been easier to go vegan - there are so many incredible alternatives to meat and dairy these days, and endless recipes online to get you started. If you can’t manage the whole month, try a week, or even one day a week! Make sure the veg and grains you’re increasing in your diet are grown using sustainable practices and are organic if possible.


- Boycott fast fashion

We are learning more about the effects of the fashion industry on the environment and workers, and we can do our bit by not buying mass-produced garments from companies with a bad or non-transparent supply chain. Many of the big brands are releasing new ‘sustainable’ collections – but beware of greenwashing. If you’re on a tight budget, try charity shops, otherwise always shop from good, independent brands with transparent supply chains. 


- Ditch the car

Just sometimes - when you can. Walk, cycle, or use public transport! You’ll notice so much more on your journey, and you’ll be helping the environment too.


- Support a charity

Find a charity you truly believe in and support them where you can. This can be via a donation if and when you can afford it, giving food to foodbanks – many supermarkets have a collection area by the tills - or use your time if you have more of that going spare. A quick search will come up with local charities that need volunteers.


- Be conscious of plastic

Times have changed – a few years back we wouldn’t have thought twice about getting a new carrier bag with every shop! Now we are more aware than ever of our overuse of plastic and the pollution associated with it. Find ways to reuse or recycle any plastic you do use, but try not to bring more into your household, if you can help it. It’s better that it isn’t used in the first place, rather than trying to find ways to deal with it after its first use. And take care of your reusable cups and bottles! To produce them requires a great deal more energy than plastic so we need to reuse them many, many times to justify the associated carbon.  


- Change up your cleaning products

Many things we use to clean our homes, clothes and even ourselves are toxic. Many supermarkets now stock eco-friendly products, and if you have a zero-waste shop or similar near you – even better! You can refill bottles you already have.


- Eat organic

Whatever your culinary desires, try to buy and eat organic food. Pesticides kill pests, but unsurprisingly they’re also really bad for other wildlife, and of course, us. Organic agriculture is essential for a regenerative future in which we protect the very things (soils and diversity) which support human life and health.


- Plant something

Whether it’s a tree, or a herb garden, or just a few daffodil bulbs – plant something and take pleasure in watching it grow.