Some of our favourite pieces this Spring/Summer are from Beaumont Organic's unique range. Mixing cuts that are everlasting in style with just a touch of the romantic, their SS19 pieces are just gorgeous. The first in our '5 Minute Interview' series, we've asked Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia a few questions to get an insight into the brand. 


Tell us a little about the history of the Beaumont Organic brand…

Beaumont Organic was founded by Hannah in 2008 with a vision to pave the way for fashion to have a sustainable future. Starting with 8 organic cotton T-shirt’s. After a stint working in high street fashion Hannah knew there must be an ethical way to make clothing - Beaumont Organic became her way.


What inspired you to launch Beaumont Organic?

The main reason was a lack of choice of contemporary conscious clothing available and a knowing that there had to be a way to create clothing sustainably.


What for you is the most pressing challenge the fashion and textiles industry faces, and what do you feel the average consumer can do about it?

Over producing and consumption. If we all bought less we could make huge changes quickly.


What aspect of running an ethical and sustainable fashion brand do you most enjoy?

I love telling the story. We can trace our garments from seed to store and we know the people along the process. That’s an amazing privilege.


What process do you go through at Beaumont Organic in relation to choosing which suppliers and producers to work with?

We are proud to be working with family run factories in Portugal whom we have grown with and will continue to grow with. On occasion if we need new suppliers we audit them and run checks on certificates. For us factories have to be certified.


Do you feel positive about the future of fashion and its ability to change how it operates?

Yes – I see change in the future. For the new generation the story of the garment is so important and they care about the world – these two aspects will pave the way for the change.


What is your favourite Beaumont Organic design to date?! Is there a piece that you just can’t live without?

In the Summer I live in our linen pieces, this year for sure it’s the Andreia-May. In the winter I love the felpe - Alexis has to be my fave.